Believe it or not, I was using the search function first ;-)

Anyway, I'm thinking of breaking into the guitar modding genre. I know that you can buy all the parts that you want in kit form, but for some reason I have it stuck in my head that I'd like to pick up a used guitar on the cheap and mod it up.

I don't really know what to look for, but I know where I don't want to go. I have no plans on picking up a cheap Squire and trick it out. That's sort of like putting mag wheels on a Toyota Tercel. I'm thinking more of finding an older guitar with a decent body and neck, but consider the rest of the components throwaway.

How do you guys go about evaluating which second hand guitar has mod potential and which ones don't? How about ones that you can't physically touch (e.g., ebay).

Thanks in advance for the tips (though I'm sure I'll see just as many flames.)
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Strats... that would be the best guitar to mod. There's a million of em out there too.
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alrighty... as far as modding goes

NO floyd rose, cheap guitars are often fitted with shitty, off-sized floyd roses that cant be modded/replaced.

SOLID BODY, not ply wood.

Straight neck, not warped left or right, no huge back-bough or relief in the neck.

I think the best guitars to mod are OLD peavey metal guitars, the nitro series, vandenberg series, Tracer series, they have kahler tremolos that are usually top-notch and you can get them for under 200 bucks. replace the pickups, do some fretwork, lube up the tremolo, you got yourself a sweet axe.