Hey guys.

Shes a lovely example and a damn fine looker. Very light for a MM Fantastic neck and its near mint. With OHSC.

Possible trades i might be looking for are fretless basses, 5 strings, Musicmans with Rosewood boards. P's or J's. The best i could ask for is a 5 string Musicman pickup equipped bass, Such as a Sandberg P5, or Fender Deluxe P5.

Part ex's considered would be Sting or 51' reissue P bass (sunburst only), G+L L1000 including some money. I really am not sure if i want to let go of this bass as its a lovely player, hence the feeler title. If something comes along that i would die for i will do a deal

Anyway. Let me know! Pms please

Pickup is from Bristol UK.

Possible cash offers entertained.


PS Only SERIOUS inquiries, I will NOT POST THE BASS. No LOWBALL offers.
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