I'm getting pretty close to gigging with my band but as I have an Epiphone Valve Jr., I need to get something bigger. The stuff my band plays has a bit of a Radiohead feel but I'd also like to be able to play the likes of Muse, The Mars Volta, Jimi Hendrix, RHCP, RATM, Led Zeppelin etc. My budget is currently around £600 and I play a Gibson LP. There are a few options I've been considering:

1. Get an Orange Rocker 30 (£600). This seems like it would go well with all the bands I've listed above, and it's the perfect size for gigging.

2. Get a Vox AC30 (£600). This seems to be quite similar to the Orange and has the added benefit of an effects loop. However, It doesn't have a proper OD channel so I would have to rely on pedals for that.

3. Get a Mexican Strat (£270) and a cheaper amp (£400). If I chose this option I would be able to sell my 'secondary' guitar (Vintage V100) for a bit of extra money. I've always wanted a strat but I'm just worried that I will end up wishing I'd got the American version or one of the better amps. Also, apart from the Marshall JCMs, none of the amps in this price range have struck me as obvious candidates.

So that's what I've been considering so far, any suggestions as to which option I should chose or a different option altogether? Thanks.
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Maybe you could try the Marshall Vintage Modern series. They sound really great and would work well for your sound. Although they only have one effective channel, you can switch from low gain break-up sounds to quite high gain sounds, and you can use your guitar's volume knob and perhaps a chorus pedal to sort out your cleans for live use.

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..use gig moneys to buy a strat

or a case of beer.
I was leaning towards the Orange, and getting a strat now is a bit unnecessary. If and when I do get one, is the American Strat really worth the extra £400?
Was your Gibson worth the extra money over an epiphone? It's pretty much just your opinion if you think the build quality is worth the extra money. Some people say they have mim strats that play better than any mia they've played, others say their mia are far superior.

Go to a store and just play strats without looking at the prices and decide if you can tell a difference, and if the difference is worth the money. I'd get an american if it's not a pressing issue. If you're going to save for something might as well make it the real thing.