What do you use for EQ(s) and where is it/are they in your setup (where in chain/loop)?
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well for me, it's gain and bass at 4 oclock, treble and mid at 2 oclock. this is from memory, but yeah. I keep it simple, and metal. you can hear those settings on my band's recordings. www.myspace.com/oblivionrising
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(All in o'clocks)

Gain: 1
Treb: 12
Mids: 10
Bass: 12

Gain: 11
Treb: 1
Mids: 3
Bass: 9

Then i have the sonic stomp's knobs both set at 1 o'clock.
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I just have e G9.2tt which has a 6-band EQ, to be honest I use quite a lot of different EQ's. But generally boosted mids and bass, with slightly lower treble.

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treble 12:00

bass 2:00

master usually cranked all the way and top boost volume is used to control the overall volume of the amp.
love those cranked el84's. mmmmm tastey!!!
pre-amp on my 5150

Bass: 7
Mid: 6
Treb: 5

power amp section

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Presence: 5

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