ok so im going to kingston tomorow and theres a guitar there that i want. it is a 1960 Japanese Fender strat. Ive been looking it up but i cant seem to find anything about jap fenders before 1982, but anyways ive played it before and its a sick guitar so when i go to see it again, im going to check the serial code and what not. ANYWAYS what i really need to know is....

1. anythign you can tell me about a 1960 jap strat
2. everything and anything i need to know about buying a used guitar, like what to look for to make sure its not goina die on me
3. if $750 (canadian) is a fair price

It can't be Japaneese. Stratocasters in the 60's where made in California. if the buyer said its a jap then it can't from 1960....
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ok thanks!
any tips on what to look for so i dont come home with a half broken guitar lol?

and when i get there im goina ask the guy about the 1960 jap thing too
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chances are its a 62 reisuuse strat like mine
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probably reissue. jap strats are worth about 500 american. do the math? either way if it plays good and you like it get it. id buy a good playing jap over a good playing american anyday just to save the extra cash.
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Ive been looking it up but i cant seem to find anything about jap fenders before 1982,

that's because japanese fenders weren't made before 1982...

odds are it's just a 1960s Japanese reissue, but get the serial # etc. so you can check it out, just to be sure.
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