Ok, I need some help to replace batteries to my guitar.

I got screws out but I can't get that plastic cover out from the guitar so I can't replace batteries. Does someone have anykind of tips how I can get the cover out without harming the guitar.

My guitar is Schecter Demon.
is there a little tab bit you pull first?

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Take a smaller screwdriver (a pen or a pencil should work fine too)and stick it in one of the now empty screw holes and pry it open. Should be pretty easy.
There doesn't seem to be anykind of mechanism to open it. Only the screws and the plastic cover.

I'm new to the guitar so I may sound like an idiot but I hope you stand it.
Let me guess? you have an ibanez? I had the same problem with an ibanez bass. once i took the screws out i swear they super glued the plastic cover to the guitar.
Quote by ironmaidendude

My guitar is Schecter Demon.

I thought those had passive EMGs...

I guess I was mistaken (or do you have some sort of Custom model)