I am a new guitarest at least I want to be but here is the thing. I am disabled due to kidney dialysis and can't drive. I am trying to find payed instruction online and I can't seem to find something that is afforable and not get ripped off I have an excelint connction so that isn't the problem there I just want some one that can teach me and I'll actually learn something. thanks for anyone's help.
yeah, tons of people taught themselves, myself included.

I know theres a place near me called "the Travelling Musician", this little music shop that has lessons, but they also have teachers who'll come to your house to teach you.

it'd be worth a try looking for a similar place..

if you cant drive, can you take the bus or something?
i would definantly say try teaching ureself. there is a mass of material online from vids on youtube to this very site that can teach you the basics and even more complicated techniques. I know when ure starting its hard to find direction and its easy to get discouraged, but what i would say is, take some time to learn the OPEN MAJOR AND MINOR CHORDS. and then once uve done that choose a song u like and start working on it, ure finger strength and coordination should be sufficient that you shud be able to learn it. and another thing, PRACTICE LIKE HELL. seriously it really helps, theres no short cuts to becoming a good guitarist.