heard a 1x12 being played on Wed HOLY shit it sounded awesome.........from blues to metal WOW!
yeah, they sell it at best buy.

i'm not even joking.


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They sound like really amazing amps, especially since they're a Bogner under 2 grand.
I played one the other day. It was pretty damn nice.
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How are they for hi gain metal?
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It's the amp with everything I need, so I'm definitely getting it soon. All I've heard were the sound clips on the site and youtube, and I'm already convinced. Gonna get the 112 combo. I'm just wondering if there are speaker outs on the combos and if it supports stereo or mono outputs.
I have played through one and I'm just giving you my honest opinion here, I thought it sounded like a shit factory. I'd take a Bugera over it anyday.
If they were a few hundred bucks cheaper, I'd get one. But I'll just keep dreaming of m Shiva.
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