I was thinking about this earlier today, i wonder if i could build a guitar and have it completely done in under 24 hours. i think i can do it, just something basic, one piece body tele or strat or RG or something? i totally think it can be done. now that i have 50% off at allparts, i can get all the stuff for a basic guitar really cheap... think i should go for it?
24 working hours... or from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow? i'd assume drying times would impede this?

no drying times if i use a one piece body, and for the fingerboard, at 12 midnight ill fret the fingerboard, glue it on, go to sleep, then wake up, finish the body, then the fingerboard will be glued and dried.
Painting the guitar would be a problem I guess. Maybe something like an LP jr?
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Slowly with accuracy, enough drying times, correct amount of sleep to work with power tools safely, etc > building quickly to say you can

Obviously if you do it once just for fun then go for it, but I dont see the point.

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i dunno i mean apart from the fact taht you can say taht u built it in a day its not really gonna be taht awesome
i mean if ur willing to spend the money to get a guitar that sounds half decent and spend the time making it look good enough why not just make it a real project and end up with something thats really top quality
however if u think u can do that in a day than i say go for it
why not
Well, you could profess that "Although Rome wasn't built in a day, my guitar was."XD

I built a tele in less than 24hrs once. I actually only spent 2 hrs on it (including the pickups) but had to give the glue 8hrs to dry before I could cut, sand and finish the thing and I had to let my shellac finish dry over night.

I built it for the sole purpose of having a test bed for tele pickups so I didn't do things like fill the grain or cut contours and I only ran cabinet scrapers over it rather than sanding, but it still turned out to be a good work horse.
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I would say if you used oil to seal the body and neck it might just be possible.

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Well, you could profess that "Although Rome wasn't built in a day, my guitar was."XD

ha, i bet thats the real reason he's doing it
go for it. i mean... why not. just dont cut corners. if it takes 25 or 26 hours, oh well.
I think i could do a guitar in a day if i had all the templates... It really wouldn't be that hard.
if i had everything i needed, i could probably be happy for years just making guitars. not necessarily 24hr guitars, but i'd kill to make guitars for a living.