OK cool i went to sam ash to put a crate V-18 on lay away, and im ganna pick it up in two weeks.

Other than a tube swap and speaker change, what are some tricks i can do to make it sound better, or what are other things that are not so simple more technical that will improve the sound.

Theres an amp tech near buy who says he can fix amps and upgrade them to a certain degree aswell, and i dont believe he charges much either.

Im talking about what are things people can do to get into the gut of the thing and make it better. Ive seen people on forums saying something about circut boards in the amp and that little tweaks improve the amp vastly or make it sound a certain way(you know like a black face, or voxy or, marshally).

Oh and also what are some good recomendations for tubes and speakers, I plan on getting warehouse.

EDIT:also theres certain parts of the amp that i heard you can replace with another tube or something like that.
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it really depends what you want different about the amp.

use google to find some v18 mods.
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Get a Greenback, and if you need, I can get you some mod info for the tone stack of a V33H, that you can adapt to the V18
I got the 112, that was the only one they had.
I want it to have a bit more headroom, not a substantial amount more, but enough to get me by, i also want it to sound more towards hardrock, and punk, the cleans are alright and since its 15 watts its easy to get to a light overdriven sound.
If i did mod it i would want it to be more british voiced if anything, so if were to do something in that aspect id like to see if it can get me a marshall type sound, and maybe a new reverb tank, I have this old acoustasonic one from an old SS giby amp, it might help in that departement.

Any mod info would be great.

Baisicly i want to know what combination of tubes and speakers would be best for what i want, also what mods can be made to acomplish them.
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thats, true.
I shouldnt get my self carried away, it just a 150 combo, but the speaker and is a must.
Maybe i should just buy a pedal, like a zviex, i tried one at GC and it was pretty bomb.
What sounds like a good amount to invest in this amp with pedals and all.
Im thinking like 250?
100bucks for the speaker and maybe 60-70 bucks for tubes.
There's a guy on craigslist selling a bunch of good quality tubes for cheap so i might have an extra 120 for a pedal, or save it up.
Get a WGS Green Beret for $60 at warehousespeakers.com

They are clones of greenbacks and are great deals. Get 3 Tungsol 12ax7s for 13 bucks each and a matched pair of JJ EL84s for 20 bucks for the pair. Then I would recommend an EQ like a MXR 10 band or an OD like a BBE Greenscreamer.
yah i was using the green screamer at sam ash through it and it was pretty bomb.
ill definaetely invest in a speaker my next pay check, and maybe the pedal.
Im thinking im ganna need a Noise suppresor as well, whats a good one, i plan on getting it used, so maybe i can get a really good one for cheap.

Also ive been looking at this place.


How are mullards, or those sletvenia?
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Original Mullards are awesome. New ones I doubt they are any better than JJs or Tungsol.

Google dougstubes or tubedepot or thetubestore for good places to buy tubes.

The ISP Decimator is generally considered the best gate on the market. I would agree, but I have never played an MXR Smartgate.
Just looked up mods on google.
And boy im lost.

Ill definately do the basic ones first, like changing speaker and tubes, then ill move on to the reverb tank.

After that Ill just hear what i dont like about the amp and get to the gut of it inside the amplifier to make it suit my needs.

I never had an idea so many things it takes to mod an amp, and how little it cost.

After looking at the mods on google i have a hard time figuring one term out that plenty of people use.

What exactly is a tonestack, someone here mentioned it but i have no idea what it is.

Also if theres room in there is it possible to put 210's in the thing.
Also why is it that people say that its not worth it to change caps and stuff like a tansformers on a 150 dollar amp, isnt that the reason its cheap, cause its made of cheap parts?

Plus what does a superrior transformer and caps cost, if its bellow 180, and lets say you find some guy to do it for 80 bucks isnt it worth it.

I dont plan on busting all this cash into the thing in one minute like alot of people think, its just that moneys tight, and i really dont see my self buying a 700$ amp anytime soon.

If anything i expect to do this within the span of months and years, 3 tops.

Like I said i already have an Acoustosonic 4 spring reverb tank to replace the shitty stock one, I also got a not that amazing 70-80 speaker to replace the horrid stock speaker, so check 2, and all i really need to invest in now are tubes 60-80$, and an OD 60$.

I think thats a total of about 300$ all together, for improved reverb, and speaker, tubes and pedal and all.

im thinking whats another 200$.

Out of the box especially for the price i dont think other amps like valveking, BJ, BH HD, sound all that much better(with exeption of the BH). So imagine with some mods.

Edit:also how do transformers affect the power amp and the pre amp, i i know theres an out and an in transformer.
What exactly do transformers do, and would a higher quality one really do anything for an amp.
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BUMP. before i go pick up the damn thing at Sam Ash right now.
Im finnally ganna get my first "descent" tube amp.

Anywho ill probly do this first seeing as i have a solderer.
After the speaker, tube, and reverb swap of course.


down the road Im definately ganna get a better speaker like a Vet 30.

Ill post picks in the morning.

Im so ****ing happy Im literally jumping with exctement.
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