How can I convince my freind, a guitarist, to pick up bass? He expressed interest in learning and really wants one but is on the line about it, thinking that it might get in the way of his guitar playing. I argued that learning bass would improve guitar skills (and vice versa) so it would do nothing but good for him. Is there a song or a bassriff or whatever that will make a guitarist shit themselves and want to convert?
If you can't convert him, don't. If he is serious about playing bass he would have bought a bass by now.
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give him some primus. he may like that.

don't force it, or you will get an opposite reaction.
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get him to play whatever he plays on guitar on bass... because usually that's really quick and rewarding, and gives you a feeling for the bass...

I'm a guitarist and a bassist, and I would never have wanted to play anything except what I already found fun... it really increases your learning curve too, because playing each instrument is *slightly* different, there's alot of similarities so you should take full advantage of that.
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anything Metallica that has Cliff Burton like For Whom The Bell Tolls
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Kidnap his family and hold him in a room with a gun to their heads until he learns the bass. Then kill one and tell him the others are next if he doesn't carry on playing bass forever.

Worked for me.
Angle of a guitarist who was once considering bass;

If he doesn't want to don't force it. Do try showing him this though. Back before it broke up, my old bands bassist quit, so I considered taking it up. Mainly because of this vid;


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If you force him to, he will pick up his guitar and throw it at a very fast direction, usually pointed at you're face =]

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