Hi Everyone,
Looking for suggestions.
Putting together a medley for an acoustic live performance coming up, and missing a song...
Please bear in mind that I'm British if the song choices puzzle you.

I obviously want the medley to go in some kind of story-like order, and want the songs to have an easy swtich, so have kept with the theme of the two bottom strings being down all the way through (this is my first attempt at a medley compilation so baby steps).

So far I have:

1. You and Me - Lifehouse
2. (Empty - Suggestions Please)
3. Dry Your eyes - The Streets
4. Whatever - Oasis

Hopefully you can see the lyrical logic behind the story - love, break up, post-relationship recovery.

I'm looking for some suggestions on the 2nd song, and also any thoughts on a "getting together song" that could work to the same theme.

Thanks and all the best

P.S. British songs will go down well with the audience, but any well-known ones will do
You haven't even bothered reaing the rules, this is nothing to do with this forum. Titch, you should have reported if you were the first to reply in the thread. Take a look at the rules guys


[EDIT] I would have been more constructive, but this kind of thing happens several times a day and it gets annoying trying to read through people's work and having to sift through things posted in the wrong place. By the way, posting in a thread after it's been reported is a warnable offence, hopefully you won't be though. Anyway, this hasn't got anything to dow with songwriting so it is the wrong forum, not the most appropriate place, and I'm not sure where to recommend to post it.
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Toby, apologies if this has upset you, but I am fairly new to the forum posting system on UG. I did look to see where the most appropriate place to post this would be and this seemed reasonable compared to others. Maybe you could be more constructive and helpful by suggesting where I should be posting for my rather innocent query...

Secondly, thanks for your response Titch I'm giving it a go.

Perhaps I will speak with you in another thread