Ok, so I'm learning Mea Culpa and I finally got up to 73 bpms out of 110 so I'm making progress. But I have a question. When I play the intro sequence:


I'm lifting my index finger off the frets each time. Is this right, or should I leave it on. I find it easier to lift the finger since I have to change frets so fast. But is this bad practice or is either way fine?

PS the tab is all fudged, but you get the idea.
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Whatever works best for you. That's the way that I've always done it. As long as it's clear and in tune... should be fine.
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you should be leaving your index finger down and using your 2nd and 3rd finger for the other notes, sliding the index finger or up when it is required.
This builds speed and accuracy. It may seem hard at first, but what you are doing is a bad habit, and in my opinion, needs to be fixed.