So I got some resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes and I want to build a pedal out of them. I know that it won't be sounding the same as the schematic its made after. But at the same time there is some fun experimenting with different parts and get the sound that is the best.

I haven't built any pedals before and I don't know much about that stuff also. So thats why I made this thread. I need your help guys!

Im building after that but if you know something thats better, tell me:

I need to know where to start from?

But seriously theres 9 resisters etc, they only cost like 10 cents at the most for 1 each. It should cost you less then $1, then the 2 pots $10, Other stuff $20.

The cheapest parts are the resistors etc.
Pots don't cost $10. And this will sound like shit and probably won't work if you use random parts. You need to get the values at least RELATIVELY close for it to work. Don't socket everything, use breadboard.
This probably uses germanium transistors too, or at least thats what I'd assume, so that reduces the chance of it working with random parts greatly. Sorry to pop your life-long dreams.
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no, this pedal would work well with BC108's (silicon), but you could use NPN germaniums
So I still should buy new and exactly the same parts from some electronics shop? Btw I live in Europe, Estonia.
You said you have some resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. Just buy some sockets, some pots, a couple jacks, a battery snap, and a switch.

Here's the type of socket you'll look for capacitors, resistors, etc.

And here's transistor sockets:
If you want to tweak the design, the sockets make to where you don't have to un-solder anything. Just pull it out and plug something else in. They are not needed if you plan to build the pedal as shown and never tweak it. They just make mods a whole lot easier.