OK so someone jsut got upset that I posted this in the lyrics section - lets hope I'm right in posting it here this time....
Hi Everyone,
Looking for suggestions.
Putting together a medley for an acoustic live performance coming up, and missing a song...
Please bear in mind that I'm British if the song choices puzzle you.

I obviously want the medley to go in some kind of story-like order, and want the songs to have an easy swtich, so have kept with the theme of the two bottom strings being down all the way through (this is my first attempt at a medley compilation so baby steps).

So far I have:

1. You and Me - Lifehouse
2. (Empty - Suggestions Please)
3. Dry Your eyes - The Streets
4. Whatever - Oasis

Hopefully you can see the lyrical logic behind the story - love, break up, post-relationship recovery.

I'm looking for some suggestions on the 2nd song, and also any thoughts on a "getting together song" that could work to the same theme.

Thanks and all the best

P.S. British songs will go down well with the audience, but any well-known ones will do