As we're coming into december, I've started thinking about gear for the holidays.

I'm mainly thinking about pedals, as I'm perfectly set with my Strat/C30. I have a DS-1 (shitty), Crybaby (acceptable), and MXR 10-band (sweet).

I need a better OD/Distortion, and have been thinking about a Way Huge Pork Loin, or a Keeley BD2.

Also, maybe a compressor or a delay? I'm on a bit of a budget, but don't want to skimp on the quality of the pedals. Also, keep in mind that my gear consists of a Classic Player 60's strat and a Peavey Classic 30. This would be a blues setup.
Keeley BD 2 is good.

I'd personally go with a Fulltone Fulldrive or a Caitlinbread Silver Kiss.

Oh, and if you're playing blues, a bottle of Bourbon.
The C30's distortion is bluesy, but not my brand. It's that kind of mid and bass heavy distortion, and seems to get muddled to me.

Has no one ever heard of Way Huge?!