the amp im lookin at has volume control and a master, so is a volume pedal a good idea/ necessary??
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I have one and I use it a lot.
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You also have a volume control on your guitar...

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A Volume Pedal would really just be useful for raising and lowering your sound level, for let's say rhythm and lead, and it can also totally mute your tone. It's all in what your going to use it for.

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depends if you use one or not. there's a volume knob on your guitar which does the same thing, but some people prefer to do that with their feet as it's easier to mess with on the fly...
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The fact that the amp has a master a gain controls should affect the need or un-need(?) for a volume pedal. You lower the amount of signal going in, and your preamp isn't going to overdrive as it would with the full signal.
I know people who swear that there volume pedal is best for swells, but I think I'm fine with just my volume knob. I do have the treble bleed mod done so that the tone is consistent through the whole spin.