Once again I call on the help of UG's pit

basically i need to find one more artist who achieved success through Television promotion. I have already used Elvis Presley and used his 68 Comeback Special as an example.

I need to find another 2 artists who achieved success through radio play, I was thinking Cliff Richard and well i couldn't think of another band!

any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

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What about the guitarist who's always trying to sell those plywood guitars on infomercials?
omg some african american dude. LL cool J right? was he not on a show?
Could you cite bands that get airplay on MTV by any chance?

If so, then most bands nowadays.
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The doors on the Ed Sullivan Show

This would work.
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didnt elton john have a bit of a comeback with Are You Ready For Love on that tv advert..after that advert it was released as a single again right?
in like 2005 give or take a year
Could you possibly say the Beatles impact on America when they played the Ed Sullivan show? They were already popular in Britain, but until that point they weren't in America. That also had kind of a big impact on the way we as Americans thought about music, and helped a lot of other British/English bands transition into the States.
That's all I got.
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For TV just do anyone who's won American Idol / Pop Idol or whatever.

eg. Leona Lewis, Will Young blah blah blah
Johnny Cash got popular through the radio, but when he had his own TV show he was huge, you might say that helped.
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Hannah Montana, but not really an artist.

Hmmm I dunno really. Basically any artist through tv promotion ussually sucks. Unless Elvis with his movies of course.

ZZ top maybe?

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