This is a website I was looking at for vinyl skins on guitars. Seems like a pretty cool deal, but what does UG's GB&C Forum think of the idea? Would they buy this kind of stuff? Does anyone have any personal experiences and/or problems with similar products? Explain.

Also, this is not advertising, but merely for my benefit on advice for buying this kind of product for such an expensive and beloved tool of mine. Because the preparation and application seems kinda complicated, as it involves removing the bridge, knobs, strings, etc. I was thinking I might have to send it out for a professional installation, for an extra $20. Unless UG knows how to do it myself without messing up my guitar.
It's not difficult. I've done this a few times for promotional items and it worked out wonderfully. There is also nothing permanent about the process. Once removed there's not even a trace that you had one on.

I have also done a guitar with one then clear-coated over the graphic for a more permanent solution.
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