Hello to all and this seems to be a pretty nice forum. I would appreciate some input on about learning to play the guitar I have been taking lessons for a year now and have learned the main scales and and can play at 140 b/m on most scales and excerises . some of you guys that have been around a whiloe might just have a feel about what is the max age a person is to get pretty good ( not pro however? I know this is a loaded question however i believe there is a good answer or an agerage guide line ..

thanks for reading my post Gil
hey there, you should check out the lessons on this site as there are some good ones. when you mention speed remember that you must put accuracy before speed. As for age i dont think you can ever be too old just that the older you are the more hard work it will take.
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Hey gilbert, welcome to UG.

You can never stop getting better at guitar. Just continue to challenge yourself with new genres and techniques, and you'll see your playing get better piece by piece. Lessons are great, but make sure to change teachers if you start to plateau. Learning from somebody new is a great way to get excited about playing and crafting new areas of your overall technique.

However, this is the newbie forum, and no Guitar questions are allowed here. Post in Guitar and Bass basics and Electric guitar for a more in-depth answer.

See you around man.