I have a Peavey Heritage VTX 212 that's making a loud hum/buzz noise and was wondering if anyone knew anything about these amps. I bought it a while back and it sounded great and then after 8 months it started buzzing when I had it just sitting there turned on, I wasn't even playing my guitar. The tubes are still glowing the same as they always have so I'm thinking it isn't a tube issue, but I have no idea really. It has Sovtek 6L6WXT tubes in it. I had changed it out to a new set of tubes and it still had the same noise and the tubes lit up like normal. I switched the old ones back in to make sure it was the exact same noise. I hooked up some different speakers to see if it was a speaker issue, but the same buzz is there with different speakers and I ran a different preamp through the power amp to check that too and I get the same noise again. I've got a picture of the tubes powered up, maybe someone could tell me if they're not glowing correctly. The buzz is noticeable at all volumes as well. It's a really terrible sound, like electric hair clippers or something. I had read you could tell if tubes were blown by tapping on them with a chopstick or pencil too and that they're supposed to make noise or something when you do it. I tried that at low and high volumes and it didn't do anything, so I don't know if it's the tubes or what.

here's some pictures

I took a picture of the inside, if anyone can spot anything wrong that'd be good. If you wan't close up pictures on anything in there I could get a picture.

The guys at Peavey said it's probably the filter caps needing replaced.
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