So I got around to buying/building an Octafuzz from B.Y.O.C. I loved every second of building it, and the sound is just wonderful (in a "wait, is my amp about to explode?" sort of way)

For the un-initiated: http://www.buildyourownclone.com/index1.html

It was really my first project with any sort of soldering, so I'm sure I need some practice. I'm open to critique on my work, although I've already learned quite a bit about wire lengths, iron temps, iron tips (switching from a chisel to a pencil tip really helped), and planning.

My wonderfully talented friend Jessica painted the pedal. I just told her the name and she ran with it. If anyone is in love with it, she said she's all for doing more on request. http://jessicajustus.com/home.html is her site if anyone is curious.

Anyway I just wanted to show some pictures. I'm definitely going to be building myself a few more of their pedals in the future. A phaser, EQ, and 2 analog delays at least. If anyone was interested I'd likely be up for building pedals for people with custom painted designs...

Comments, criticisms and compliments are always graciously accepted.


great job. nice neat wiring job
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