ive been on a mission for the past month or 2 to try and downsize my halfstack to a combo amp. ive got a fender roc pro 1000 100w hybrid on a fender 4x12 ge-412 cab. its too big to fit in a car with the rest of the band equipment, and carries too well and makes too much noise for small venues, expecially put up against the other guitarist 100w peavy 112 amp. im using a fender fm65r in the mean time. dont like it a bit.

/back story

now ive been searching of craigs list for small 50w tube amps, while trying to sell mine at the same time to pay for it. or trade. ive had a few people interested, nothing pans out. ive stumbled across a "B-52 LG-10012S 100W Stereo 2x12" with a "Korg AX3000g" pedal. the guy is trying to upgrade to a stack, im trying to downgrade to a stack. is this amp worth the metal its built out of? hows the sound gonna be in comparison? i play funk, punk, blues, tiny bit of rock. its a solid state, which isnt really what i wanted but everyone with a tube combo wants cash or a all tube head. mines only a hybrid, so i dont get alot of takers on it.