You should know the rules.
Stevie Ray Vaughan-10
Alexi Laiho-10
Ritchie Blackmore-10
Paul Gilbert-10
Tony Iommi-10
John Petrucci-10
Chris Broderick-10
Randy Rhoads-10
Rusty Cooley-10
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You should know the rules.
Buckethead-9 HURT
Stevie Ray Vaughan-10
Alexi Laiho-10
Ritchie Blackmore-10
Paul Gilbert-10
Tony Iommi-10
John Petrucci-10
Chris Broderick-10
Randy Rhoads-11 HEAL
Rusty Cooley-10

That's better.
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Ah man, do we have to?
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Buckethead-10 HURT(10)
Stevie Ray Vaughan-10HURT(10)
Alexi Laiho-10HURT(10)
Ritchie Blackmore-10HURT(10)
Paul Gilbert-10HURT(10)
Tony Iommi-10HURT(10)
John Petrucci-10HURT(10)
Chris Broderick-10HURT(10)
Randy Rhoads-10HURT(10)
Rusty Cooley-10HURT(10)

That was fun
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oh the good old days of launching strawberries at point blank range into people's faces with a ballista... brings back mammaries

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Stevie Ray Vaughan-HURT-DEAD
Alexi Laiho-HURT-DEAD
Ritchie Blackmore-HURT-DEAD
Paul Gilbert-HURT-DEAD
Tony Iommi-HURT-DEAD
John Petrucci-HURT-DEAD
Chris Broderick-HURT-DEAD
Randy Rhoads-HURT-DEAD
Rusty Cooley-HURT-DEAD
John Petrucci - WIN
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Fail. No Herman Li.

Sorry.. Noone can be bothered with this.
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I'm not taking part but all I can say is that I'm pulling for Gilbert or Petrucci to win this thing.
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What a vast difference in guitarists.

No really, OP created a melting pot.
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Fail. No Herman Li.

you better be farking joking

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Buckethead-0 KILL
Stevie Ray Vaughan-0 KILL
Alexi Laiho-0 KILL
Ritchie Blackmore-0 KILL
Paul Gilbert-0 KILL
Tony Iommi-0 KILL
John Petrucci-0 KILL
Chris Broderick-0 KILL
Randy Rhoads-0 KILL
Rusty Cooley-0 KILL

Nick Jonas-100 HEAL

I went there.