To all of you that have blocked your Floyd style trems, do you leave the nut unlocked or do you still lock it? Or, perhaps you have changed the nut out altogether???
If the trem is blocked, I still leave my nut locked. If just makes sure that if the tuners lean against something, the tuning is still not compromised. I think all guitars should have locking nuts for that reason. If you lean your guitar on something, the tuners always get bumped.
i dont block my FR, but if i did, id still leave the nut locked. it will just make sure that all the strings stay in tune.
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i dont block my FR, but if i did, id still leave the nut locked. if you use your trem a lot and dont have the nut locked, the strings will go out of tune.

... i think everyone knows that
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Interesting. I was thinking that perhaps the tone would be a bit better with it unlocked. I believe I remember reading somewhere that it was stated that locking the nut sacrifices tone. To the extent I don't know.