Ok, a while back, I bought a Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah pedal second-hand off eBay, the seller was from Canada, I live in Ireland. Now what's weird is the design of the logo on the front of the pedal doesn't look like new Crybaby's that I've seen, it's kinda wavy logo with all the letters stuck next to each other.

I also saw a vid of a new GCB-95 on Youtube, where I saw the back plate, and looked pretty different from the one I had.
The 9v DC adapter in also requires a 3.5mm jack, like a headphone kinda lead, to power it. What's weird is though, even though I managed to get one, when I plug in the power adapter the full way, it doesn't power my pedal, unless I slightly angle it out a bit at which point it's only half way in and doesn't really last.

So what's the deal with my Crybaby?
onli pics can reeli help, so get some from all angles
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um... maybe its just... you know... an older model?

ok, to be less of an asshole...

mine looks exactly the same, I bought it back in the 90s. They just changed the design, theres nothing wrong with it.