So 3OH!3 is a, rapcore/hip-hop/electronica band that I've just recently started listening to. They have a song "Don't Trust Me" that came when I downloaded "Tap Tap Revenge" for the iPod Touch or iPhone. I got addicted to this song and it is now spreading through my school. Anyone else heard of this band? Anyone else like them? If not, look 'em up!
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Absolutely terrible.

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Im from Colorado and they started here, hence their name. Our area code is 303, and thats how they got their name. They just started getting popular and imo they suck ass but whatever. So many bands from our scene here get popular, like the Flobots and Tickle Me Pink, Meese, theres a ****load that recently got signed.
Eh, it's an alright band. Nothing really stood out to me. It kinda sounds quite simialar to a lot of other bands.
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