So, first off: LPaddict is the man.
Buy stuff from him.
Here's the curly redwood I got from him.
I'll probably end up using it on my next build.
Maybe a Tele like he suggested.

Check it out boys(and girls):

Sorry to rape your bandwidth but...mmmm.
Because this guy wanted to build a guitar!

Just because it's not LPaddict building it doesn't mean it won't reak of awesome!

no i meant like i would have kept it and never sold it, no matter what there building skills
Holy crap, man, it looks like silk sheets... But in wood form... I feel like I'm going to fall into the waves of figure
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It looks like it's spouting flames, make a fire burst?

Thinking about it.
I'll get 3 tops out of this so I'll have many options.

And yes ^ Lp DOES do it again haha.
Thanks again dude.
it looks like its a quilt top from those pics
best YouTube video ever

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Honesty is the best policy!

...Unless your trying to get a job. In which case, lie like you just got pulled over with a dead body and some shovels in the back seat.

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I say either leave it natural or do a black burst around the edge. It's beautiful.

Yeah, I'll definetely be leaving at least one of the guitars natural. A trans black burst would also look nice now that I think about it.