Hey Pit,
I know that usually these threads just get stupid answers but im in a bad way here the only thing i want to do in college is only available pretty far away and its expensive to go, i need to find a way to pay foor it because right now there is no way! Cant get my parents to pay for it, to expensive,bad economy.

Work and scholarships.
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Get a job to help get a decent amount. This is a must if you want to pay for it yourself.

Not sure what grade you are in, but try really hard in school to get good grades and you may be elligible for scholarships. Ask your guidance counselor once a week if there are any new scholarships you might be elligible for.

You could also get student loans. You'll have to pay the money back, but it could give you a little more time to actually make the money at a job.
why reported? Seems legit to me.

1, get a job
2, apply for every kind of financial aid you can, student loans, etc.
3, write a shitload of essays for seemingly small amounts of money ($500 each or so), and keep doing it.
im going to try but i only have about 9 months before i go! itl cost about a grand a month
Also why would you report this thread?

@pak what do you mean essays? im intrigued
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Do you know anyone in the area? Because I'm in the NYC area, a lot of kids put down a relative's name that lives in the city of the college as their home address so they wont' have to pay the out of state fees. (which in my area is 15,000 more to go to school in NYC )
Take out a student loan, but be careful! My cousin's nearly 40 and he's still paying for his BA since he went to an out of state school.
Also get a job or two and look up a few scholarships.
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^^ Im in ireland so its basicly rent, living costs and supplies,and about 3 grand registration
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When I was in school, the guidance office used to get all kinds of forms and stuff about scholarships where you just write an essay about a certain topic and mail it/submit it electronically on some organization's website, and they give the winner something like 500 bucks. Or you read and analyze a book (ayn rand foundation had one, but the book was a bitch to read).

Go to the guidance office at school and ask to see what scholarships are available, my school had a drawer full of essay topics and stuff with cash prizes.

I know the rotary clubs, lions clubs, community organizations, etc. all offer scholarships too for citizenship or some bs like that, as do many youth organizations (demolay comes to mind).

edit: shit, i don't know what kind of stuff is available in ireland.
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I'm going 100% financial aid. It sucks, but the fact that I'm in-state helps a lot, and the thought that I'll have to repay all the money one way or another makes me determined to graduate. You'll definitely need a job to go with it though, financial aid will usually cover the cost of classes, but doesn't completely cover books or living expenses.
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The only thing you can do is loans, that's an inevitability. Even if you get a job, financial aid, and scholarships, unless you really stand out, you'll need loans.

Unless you do ROTC or something.

Could you please explain where you are, where you want to be, and what you want to do?
Get un scholarship, OR, play guitar at that really crowded Japanese intersection and have the cash pile in my the bowlful