ok what amp settings and what tunings and what kind of chord proggressions should i use for starting out metalcore
Amp settings belong in the gear forum. Tunings and chord progressions are so ridiculously diverse that the question is unanswerable. If you want to play a style of music, go listen to music in that style and derive from it what you like.
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
look up tabs for metalcore bands
look up amp settings for metalcore in the amp settings thread

its all on the site man, just look

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Use Heavy distortion and tune your guitar or guitars to drop c or drop d. To set your amp, just mess with the eq a little until you find a great sound.
umm......pretty sure drop d is WAAAY too high for metal core. get thick-ish guage strings and detune to like, drop b or drop a#...
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Quote by invictus_101
umm......pretty sure drop d is WAAAY too high for metal core. get thick-ish guage strings and detune to like, drop b or drop a#...

Na, I think you have the wrong idea about metalcore. All That Remains (my definition of metalcore, maybe not everyone else's) tunes their guitars to standard D, Trivium uses drop D, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and August Burns Red use drop C.

Basically, I would recommend keeping your guitar in drop C and depending on what you're playing you can just tune up the 6th string to standard D so that you can play songs in a standard tuning if you need to.

You can play some very diverse metal-core and death metal using D standard... Dropped tuning has its uses, but I prefer standard.
Plus throw in some of these chords which are really awesome. You can trick the ear into thinking you are playing way lower for your tuning.

F 9
C 9
G 7
D 7

Sounds veeeery close to

C 2
G 2
D 0

So if you work that shape up your neck, you can emulate playing way lower. You aren't actually, but it's a neat trick.

Amp Settings:

Boost your signal going to your distortion with an EQ (that's right, before whatever you use for distortion) - boost the mids a lot, which is where you'll get some really growling distortion. And then on the POST distortion EQ scoop the mids again.

Anything Harmonic Minor, Natural Minor, Phrygian. Noodle from here.
I know that the metal-core peoples like to play minor melodies, chugging along at the lowest string. D in my setup, and then having accents on the G and C strings along which ever scale you are following.
Then every few bars, chugg on A, A# or C and do another little run on the G/C Strings... then you get that cheezy melodic thing going on which seems rampant in Metal-Core.

d ------------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------------
F ------------------------------------------
C ----------------------------------------------10
G -------7---------10-9-7----7-9-10-------9-10
D 0--0-----0--0------------8-----------10---
(all played as 1/8 notes)

Type of stuff... anyway, that's what it sounds like to me a lot of the time.

And here's was how to play metal core!
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