So I just recently got a 6505 head off of ebay. It was used but in like new condition cause it had never left the store; it was used as a floor model.

It's dated as a 2005 model so it's roughly 3 years old and it still has Ruby tubes in it so I'm assuming they're original.

Today; during band practice (about 2 hours in) the volume on the amp started cutting off but in a weird way. It sounded like it was fuzzing off. I don't know how to describe it better than that haha. Basically it was making the same noise as it does when you flip it to stand by and keep playing while it goes back in to stand by (before volume completely cuts off). Sort of a very muffled fuzzy tone.

I immediately stopped playing and messed with cords to make sure it wasn't a short or something. I then flipped it to stand by and waited for 30 seconds or so and flipped it off of stand by. It stopped making the weird noises and sounded fine for about a minute but then began making the noises again.

I switched amps and turned the 6505 off for about an hour. When I turned it back on it was working fine.

Do you think the problem is that it needs the tubes replaced?
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yeah the tubes might need to be replaced. i had the same problem with my peavey
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Turn it on and look at the valves, check they're all lit equally and they're all orange.
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Whilst you're at it check the fuse hasnt blown
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All the tubes are lit but one looks like it might be a slight bit dimmer than the others; but it could just be that it's rotated differently.

Assuming I do need to replace tubes. I'll probably go with Eurotubes 6505 kit. It's fairly easy to replace the tubes in the amp correct?
Schecter Hellraiser FR
Peavey 6505 Head
Vader 4x12
BBE 482

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