I have a B-52 AT-100 and im confused about the tubes. Ive played for about years but have always used solid state for some reason. So i finally got a B-52 AT-100 and it still has the stock tubes in it. Well ive had it about a year and am wondering about changing the tubes.. And i opend up the back to look at the tubes, and i noticed that they are turning blue. But one of them is not blue. Is it normal for them to be blue. Because i have read that it is and that it is not. And do i need to change them because they are blue and because one is not blue???
that purple-blue glow is common. don't worry because you have it. don't worry if you don't.

just don't worry.
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If they still sound good then don't worry. my rule with tubes is to change them when they sound bad and forget about em any other time.