I read about a NWOBHM "Super group" that is no longer active from the 70's\80's and I believe they only released one album. I can't remember the name of them. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? Are they any good?

Were there any other NWOBHM super groups or major collaborations?
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I meant like a band made up of artists from other quality bands i.e. Bloodbath for death metal or Down for Sludge Metal.
Down for "sludge metal"

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Probably. I found the band I was thinking of it's Lionheart.


From their inception LIONHEART suffered greatly from their own publicity machine, hailing the band as a NWoBHM supergroup. Despite releasing a commendable album the band's revolving door policy on band membership ultimately called time on LIONHEART. Formed by former UNITED and IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton alongside former DEF LEPPARD drummer Frank Noon, ex-WILDFIRE bassist Rocky Newton and one-time FAST BUCK, BANDANA and LIAR guitarist Steve Mann, LIONHEART originally featured erstwhile TYGERS OF PAN TANG vocalist JESS COX. Cox, however, lasted just one gig, but did get to apparently record an album with the group that remains unreleased.

LIONHEART proceeded to undergo numerous line-up changes after Cox's brief tenure. Singer JOHN FARNHAM lasted not much longer than Jess before the group settling on STAMPEDE vocalist Rueben Archer. The band supported DEF LEPPARD on their 1981 British tour, using ex-JUDAS PRIEST drummer Les Binks after Noon departed to join WILD HORSES. Ironically, the former WILD HORSES drummer Clive Edwards then joined LIONHEART.

In 1984 a demo recorded by the trio of Stratton, Mann and Newton secured LIONHEART with a major record deal with CBS in America. Ex-ANGEL WITCH and E.F. BAND drummer Dave Dufort became a member of the band albeit briefly before he forged PHANTASM. A new vocalist, Chad Brown, was enlisted in time for recording and in the studio the band utilised the services of drummer Bob Jenkins, formerly of pop artist LEO SAYER's backing band. The album was produced by Kevin Beamish and despite the scknowledgement that the final result had lost some of the British edge its undoubted quality stifled many critics.

Typically LIONHEART's formula of musical chairs was soon in operation with drummer Andy Bierne and keyboad player Phil Lanzon being enlisted from the SWEET. Both recruits had also been members of GRAND PRIX. Erstwhile AIRRACE vocalist Keith Murrel had a fleeting moment as vocalist prior to his tenure with MAMA'S BOYS. Lanzon jumped ship to OPERATOR then URIAH HEEP.

LIONHEART failed to make any headway and Newton and Mann emerged later in McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. Mann would also figure in a touring line up of German Progressive Rock veterans ELOY. Edwards found himself in UFO in the early 90s Stratton teamed up with PRAYING MANTIS and more recently appears as part of the ORIGINAL IRON MEN project.

By 1995 Chad Brown was vocalist for the SWEET, the same line up featuring Steve Mann. A retrospective archive LIONHEART release 'Unearthed' arrived in Japan during March of 1999 through the Pony Canyon label.
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