I am just in the initial design stages of a bass guitar build. I have a few rough ideas of what I want, and know about what parts I want to use. My concerns however, center on intonation. I want to make sure that when I finish my build and put this strings on, that I haven't messed up the notes, and that it has good tone. I know tone is based partly on the wood, but I would love some tips/tricks for making sure my bass sounds good:-)

TY :-)
for inotation just make sure the bridge is placed perfectly right on scale and you souldnt have a problem. theres not much other than wood and pickups to make a bass sound good. theres chambering if you like that and are doing like a 3 piece when it comes to tone its an opinion
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ty. i just didnt want to get done with this project to have a trash bass lol.