Price Range: Up to $500
Genres / Bands I like: Blues rock, hard rock(Cream, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, and others like those)
What I want: guitar
Additional Information: I have a pretty mediocre amp(SP-10), but it gets the job done. My current Squire strat isn't that good, and I am looking for another one with a stronger sound.
look at epiphones
they can get a good sound pretty good no matter what
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A stonger sound comes from your amp, Peavey ValveKing and an OD.

I probably will get an amp, but I need to choose a guitar right now. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
epiphone les paul standard or a fender strat
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Ibanezs' are pretty good for anything


I love mine to death
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I personally like Ibanez for beginners since they're pretty cheap but good, however, if you're not gigging or anything, I wouldn't worry too much, and save up for a better guitar when you're more experienced.