Alright....i kindda need two things with this. First, critics on the lyrics, and second, I need to write some guitar to this, but I suck at it. I need it for a battle of the bands but I can't think of anything. So if you can help, it would be on acoustic, I have a capo and can drop tuning or whatever it doesn't matter. And it is acoustic scream, sounds kindda weird but yeah. Parenthesis are screams, rest is singing

We all know what goes down (Lives in dispair)
Behind closed doors (In their care)
He can't find himself (Except in spite)
And she never thinks of you (Unless she's in flight)

He looks through pages, reads the books
Maybe he's like them, or at least he hope
To find some answers to where he's at
Or maybe what he's becoming
And all the places he's been through
He wishes he could be... (He can't find it)

He waits for his chance, as it come then it goes
Now it's gone, waiting for his chance he missed it all -------> chorus
(To clean up his act) and live his life right

She closes her eyes, thinks about her life
She just wants to win, just wants to live
Wants to find truth in all that you say
(She misses you) But you could never tell
And she jumps for you (Hoping you'll regret)

Chorus, except all gender roles turn to girl like he goes to she ect.

We let our lives fall into peices
Numb our hearts, and then we just leave it
Wanting to love, wanting to feel
We just want to change (When it's too late)

Chorus now changing to our and we ect.

Open my eyes, I can't see my body moving
(He wishes he could see whats right infront of him)
Close her eyes, she finaly sees whats she's been doing
(What she's been doing wrong)
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