I have no doubt this is on the more classical side but i can not find any information on it whatsoever... Im borrowing it from a friend and i might buy it on even though its pretty rusted and looks slightly warped it still gets a cool kinda sound... SO if any one can tell me more about the guitar like the year, model and what style of music it would be used for(my guess is classical and blues)

Nah...this is an old, cheapo arch-top, probably with a laminated top (I see that it's warped along the trapeze), made for blues or jazz. If you can get it set up properly it might be good for swampy delta style blues, or possibly bottleneck.

There is not a classical note in this guitar at all.
It's an arch-top. And an inexpensive one at that. It's meant for steel strings, jazz variety. If you do decide to purchase it, be sure to get a new set of strings on it right away. It's not strung up right at the moment. The strings should all be coming off the tuning posts on the INSIDE of the posts, not some on the outside, some on the inside like it is now.
Like max said above, there's nothing classical about this guitar. Be sure to bring it to a shop for a quick checkup when buying new strings for it(assuming you do buy it that is).
Curious, how much is your friend asking for it?
Hes not asking any price i just didnt want to steal his guitar i thought id give him at least something...
Might be a Strad o Lin:

The Strad-O-Lin company of Chicago, active in the 1940s, farmed out some of its production to various small-shop luthiers, resulting in a wide variation in quality among its acoustic mandolins. Some are merely adequate, and some are quite nice. The company also produced a few electrics. The one on the left is definitely a Strad-O-Lin, but I'm not sure about the one on the right. (I have played one, and it wasn't that exciting.)