i was looking at a used 1968 fender bassman head and i thought to myself, "i wonder if this is as good as the 4x10 combo?" so i thought i might toss that up on UG and see what you guys think. I'm seriously considering buying it because it's only gonna set me back $300 to get it but i don't know how good they are.
.. are you serious?

if you don't buy it, i will.

much much better than the combo, especially if you have a good cab.


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They're a very highly regarded amplifier. If you buy it and are not completely satisfied, you will EASILY be able to sell the amp for at least what you paid. DO IT!

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yeah....i was ****ing surprised too. it's a damn good price so that's why i was making sure
hell...i'll ****ing buy it if it's as good as you are all saying it is i better snatch that shit up before anyone else does
Yea, the Bassman are really good amps; if I remember correctly, Jim Marshall based his early amps on their circuitry, and the dudes who started Mesa Boogie started modifying Fenders (can't recall if it was a Twin or a Bassman).
The 68 bassman is considered to be one of the worst amps fender has ever made. It has all the strange features of the AB165 bassman that everybody hates and it's also got the horible silverface cathode/fixed hybrid bias system that made silverface amps sound bad.

The amp has potential to sound great but it's never going to sound like the tweed 4x10 bassman. It can, however, give you great blackface tone if you change the bias system and redo some wiring. If you have the technical knowhow and want blacface tone then 300 is a very good price and you should go for it. If you don't know how to work on amps or you are looking for tweed tone then don't get it.
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I'm with corduroy on this.
Silverface BM's aren't that good when used with guitar. They're alright, but usually not worth the price at their average price. But, since it's kind of going pretty cheap for you, I think it might be worth it if you get it modded. Try before you buy though.
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