Ok I was lookin for a distortion pedal, and well from hearing a lot of good things about the Electro-Harmonix metal muff I decided to buy it. But I was completely disappointed, it seems SUPER fuzzy and I really want to get a clean distorted tone from it. I have a line 6 amp and a Fender Strat, help please?
what kind of line 6 amp, and are you using the metal muff on the distortion channel?
Get a valve amp.

The Spider doesn't take kindly to pedals. With pedals it sounds worse than it already does.

Just get a high-gain valve amp.
Quote by TDWP RULEZ D00D
Spider III 30watt and yes I was useing it on the insane channel

don't use it on the insane channel, use it on the clean channel.
that also would be your problem, but still no-one deserves that amp, bury it. deep underground
When using a distortion pedal you should always use it on the clean channel. Unless your trying to boost your distortion with something like a ibanez tube screamer. However that amp is pretty terrible (no offence, simply fact) and most solid state amps dont take kindly to pedals. So try it on the clean channel and see if sounds any better, If not bury your amp like previously suggested, and buy a tube amp... Tube amps take in pedals SOOSOSOSOSOS much better, not to mention SOUND sosoosososos much better.

Btw I have a metal muff, and it sounds great IMO
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Well, I have one thing to say, and please, I'm not trying to flame, but you are an idiot.

1. ALWAYS try before you buy, no matter what.

2. Distortion pedals go into the CLEAN channel. OD's usually go in the drive channel of a TUBE amp.

3. Spiders HATE Pedals. Use it with a tube amp or a better amp.

And I use a MM w/ Top Boost, after compression. Even through my Frontman it sounds good. Just tweak the EQ a bit, and dont scoop too low.