so i have no idea how this is gunna read. im gunna guess horribly but thats why im posting here lol. be brutal if needed. c4c. leave a link.

Reminiscing on time spent with Mother Dearest,
One night sneaking into the kitchen to eat her candy,
The next, playing my gameboy on covert coke runs.

I can remember holidays with Mommy...presents from Santa,
Mommy vomiting up her insides,
And dragging her unconscious to the couch. Merry Christmas.

My fondest memory; castle playgrounds and chasing her smile
Now it turns to the first episode I can remember; hearing sirens.
Coke induced demons, blood-curdling screams, and low blood sugar
Taking it's toll on Mommy's fragile body.

Fast Forwarding now; Christmas of Freshman year in high school
Seeing Mother for the first time in four years,
Since she went to rehab and ran from child support.

Coke slurred her words,sharpened her tongue,and quickened her temper
A few cheap-shot words and a cheaper slap, crumbled
Layers of walls that I had built up since Mother had left.

I can remember....writing for Mommy how i felt
How I had contempt for her favorite white powder
And how i would never speak to her again until she kicked it aside.

I can remember....
Waking up the the shriek of the phone,
Answering to the apathetic doctors voice.

Telling me I would never hear another real "I Love You" ever again.

EDIT: I guess I should elaborate

Some places dont exactly flow, but I love some of the things your saying, even if it doesnt flow
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