Let me start off with this:

Goku is in high school and gets bullied, and makes out with Bulma.

Chi-Chi is the "it" girl.

Piccolo has white skin and fights with a massive, rectangular sword.

Master Roshi doesn't where sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, and isn't old.

Shenron is never seen, and stays behind clouds when he's summoned.

There is no Tien or Krillin.

Goku does not have a tail.

Shenron is never shown.

I am shocked at how awful this is looking. Well, not shocked, but sad. Way to make me more embarrassed about my childhood
meh, it's to the point that I can't even bring myself to bask in the hilarity of its failure- it's offensive

We should ban it! We'll be like Christians picketing The Golden Compass, only our cause will be noble.
I have a feeling I will come out of the theatre crying after that movie...all my memories torn to shreds.
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incidentally, there are absolutely no results for "bizzare anal kazoo" on google.

I have a feeling that I'd rather liquefy the 9 dollars it would cost to see this and use it as lube for jacking off.
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Keanu Reeves as Spike?!

Live action versions of manga are officially the worst idea ever.
reserved for a review later
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Caramello wins life.

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Caramello, that's mother****ing genius!
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Live action versions of manga are officially the worst idea ever.

Can't be worse than the DB live action movie... can it???
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Piccolo isn't white, where'd you get that from?
Actually, where'd you get any of that info from?
It was just a compilation of pictures with most having no reliable source.

Nevertheless. it will suck, but we have nothing to judge that off for now.
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Someone who's a real fan right here! I remember when I watched this show in japanese and the opening songs. NICE!

Yeah this is so old! Way to post old news, loser. Yeah the movie is gonna suck ass, but you know you're still gonna see it. After all, Goku is way better than any superhero in america.

In fact, the new trend is going to be bringing anime to american theaters. Many movie companies are buying rights to the japanese shows to make movies.

This one is epic fail, but there are high hopes for others. I can wait until they make a movie of the anime Monster or Cowboy Bebop. Hell, I'd see a move of Yu Yu Hakusho if they made one. There are so many good animes out there and all the american shows will never have good story lines compared to animes.

So screw the producer for f'ing the film up, go see it. It'll probably have somewhat decent effects and it's GOKU!!!!

Who wouldn't like to see the universe's greatest hero on the big screen.