So our school is having our annual talent show the day before Christmas break and me and my friends are going to be doing Holy Wars (we have two guitarists a bassist and a drummer just no singer but we dont need one) anyway i have a skill level where im busting my balls 3-4 hours a day to learn this song and nail it, and its still ****ing hard but i don't wanna give up because since ive started leanrning this song my technique has gone up noticeably, which is great after my skill having hit a plateau since the beginning of summer.

Anyway ill get to the point im worried that if i actually do end up getting this song down, I know i will be nervous so my playing ability will drop and when it is taking every ounce of my skill to nail this song, and i dont wanna let my friends down, so anyone know any tips on calming your nerves and also for those who have learned this song any helpful tips on playing it

Thx in advance help is greatly appreciated and if i get flamed, well honestly i couldnt give a flying ****, because its the internet and there are many douchebags who dwell here
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
if you really get it down, like REALLY get it down, where you can play it blindfolded, at double speed, while headbanging, maybe even spinning around, then you can play it live no matter how nervous u are

or just jerk it before u take the stage
You're about to perform in front of a crowd, you're there to show them how awesome you are. Just keep that in mind; they're there to enjoy the show, not judge. Try practicing your stage presence before the show, that will help being comfortable.
The only good thing is i dont have to do mustaines sick solo at the end i couldnt nail that with my skill level, however i have to do marty's acoustic riff, which i thing is so sexy

Alos im trying to keep in mind to just relax and that im there basically to show off my skill (what little i have lol) but whenever im practicing i do pretty decent but the minute i think ill be playing this in front of pople i go offbeat and hit wrong notes its just not a good thing
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
Most of the people watching are not musicians and chances are will probably not realize any mistakes. If they don't like your music, they probably won't even be paying attention, so no worries there.