Iv been in the market for a new cab, right now im using a randall rx412 and its jsut not cutting it. Im playing through a 5150 II, with lots of gain an frequently live

Id love to drop $500+ on a used Marshall 1960 or a Mesa recto cab but its not going to happen. Id like to think i could get something im looking for, for 350 or less

I came across this recently
I just havent been able to find much about these cabinets, I think they have Celestion G12-85 in them. I dont know much on speakers but i know the Lead 1960s usually have Celestion G12-75
And if possible im looking for the Lead 1960s sound with out the brand name price tag

Whats the difference in the 85 and 75 watts?
And is that a good deal?
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I have one of those cabs now I am looking for a VTM to match. Any way that is one of the best cabs I have ever used. The Celestions G12k85's are the exact same speaker as the G12k100's, I emailed Celestions and they told me that after further testing they concluded that the actually power handling is closer to 100 watts than 85, other than the sticker they are the same speaker. Those speakers have tons of lowend, great for metal and hard rock, and honestly sounds quite good clean as well. I paid 200 dollars for my cab in about the same condition, I don't think 250 is a bad deal, but the guy obviously knows what he has, as far as tone and build quality its honestly worth close 500 dollars, but you will never get more than 250 for one just because Peavey cabs have a bad wrap, if you need a cab pick it up he not ripping you off by any means. I would not let mine go for under 500 unless I really needed the cash, because its that good.
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