Hey folks, just wondering yalls opinion. What are the differences between a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Epiphone Les Paul Standard? Is the gibson worth 5 times what the Epiphone cost? Please excuse me being nieve about the matter, but I really would like to know.

If the Epiphone isn't in the Elitist series, I won't even look at it.

Here's a video I happened to come across today, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTzdcOcpyuE

This is just an example, and it doesn't mean all Epiphones will have these flaws, or not to say they can't be even more flawed. Same goes for Gibsons. Although Gibsons are generally more consistent.
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This is the subject of never ending debate.

I own both Gibsons and (non-Elitist) Epiphones and I enjoy 'em both equally.

The Gibsons are better but the Epiphones are also excellent.
Gibsons are better than Epiphones of course, but in my opinion they really aren't worth the huge difference in price, you're paying a lot extra for a name
i like epis b/c theres no way i could afford a "real" les paul. so i get to pay less, and still have back problems. lol. i saw a guy who fashioned a gibson les paul headstock onto his epiphone once though. thats a pretty cool idea.
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This is the subject of never ending debate.

I own both Gibsons and (non-Elitist) Epiphones and I enjoy 'em both equally.

The Gibsons are better but the Epiphones are also excellent.

HartRacer86, read these threads: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/search.php?searchid=2107296

Everybody has opinions and that's the main reason why you need to audition both ... so you can make an informed decision.

Both brands have been going downhill in recent years.
Gibsons from the '90s are wonderful, but the newer ones - they're good, but you get better guitars for the same money from other companies. Heck, you can get a custom build axe for the price of a new LP Standard if you want. But if you can get a used LP Standard in good condition for half or 3/4 the original price - that's a good deal.

Epiphones that are made in Korea are worth what they cost, though the stock pickups are crap, the hardware is not as good as on Gibsons and the used woods don't compare either. But they are cheap and if you are willing to replace this and that you get a damn fine axe. Wooooo for Korea!

Forget Chinese Epis, they don't stack up against their Korean counterparts, even if you campare two models with the exact same specs. The quality of Chinese Epis lies somewhere inbetween poor and mediocre. They are not worth the money. Now the biggest problem is that if you order an Epi, you don't know if you'll get a Chinese or Korean one. Don't ever order Epis because of that, only buy ones you're able to try out.

One more thing: Epi LP Customs are blatant ripoffs, they are not better than LP Standards but cost 150$ extra.

Ibanez, Yamaha and many other companies offer more interesting models which are better value than Epi and Gibson. They aren't as pretty as LPs, but playability and sound are more important factors than looks to me.

EDIT: Epiphone Elitists are supposed to be nice, though I have never been able to try one out myself. They were discontinued recently, so you'll have a hard time finding new ones anyway.
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^^ The MIC Epis I've played have been pretty good, TBH. The Chinese factory is run by American QC personnel.

The newer Gibsons compare favorably with the older models. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I had the scratch. I agree the prices are a bit high and I suspect this is why lots find fault with the newer models.

I love Gibsons and collected them for years but IMHO they are way over priced and the news one just don't do it for me. You can get an Epi LP for far less that is close enough and sometimes better than a Gibson that will perform great at home and on stage. Most people in an audience can't tell the difference in sound and a lot of musicians as well. I used to tell people to try several Epis out because they were a little inconsistant but it seems Epi has addressed that Now when I try Epis they seem very consistant and truthfully Gibsons quality control has gone to hell lately. I haven't bought a new Gibson in years and if I do it will be an older guitar. I just bought a used Gibson BFG and I thought it was horrible one of the worse guitars I ever played. Luckily I unloaded it for a decent profit. I used the money to buy a LP copy that I liked so much better for less than I originally purchased the BFG for. The only suggestion for an Epi is change the pups if your not happy with the sound. I have been lucky enough to buy Gibson USA pups on Ebay fairly cheap but some I haven't liked and put the originals back in and resold the Gibsons. Your best bet is to go to a music store try both out play them both on the same amp on the same exact settingsand see if you can't tell the difference if you can buy the Gibson. I do it all the time.
Where do you live? I'd say go for an Agile if you're in the US or a Vintage if you're in the UK.
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1) It's naive, not nieve.
2) Depends on whether you, the buyer, think it's worth the extra money. Small differences in tone, better quality wiring, wood, etc. Some people say that it's worth it, some say it isn't. Play both and decide yourself.
It's quite simple really, just ask yourself this question.

"Is $1800/£1800 a lot of money to me?"

If the answer is "yes" then don't ever but a Gibson.

If the answer is "no" then buy whatever the hell you want.
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