Yes i know... yet another guitar thread. I have abandoned the idea of building a guitar, so i have decided to purchase one. I have been playing for about 3 months, but i am advancing very quickly. I want to buy a guitar that i can use forever, not one that i will need to replace with something better in 2 years. I play some of everything, from Guns N' Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Led zeppelin, Red hot chili peppers, some jazz, blues, and some metal (metallica). I need a guitar that can play just about everything. I am especially interested in ibanez's, because i have heard that they are great guitars and great value. I don't know if they can handle all styles or what, so if somebody could help me out that would be great. Any suggestion would be welcomed,
thanks in advance

oh yeah and i am currently renting a fender telecaster deluxe and like it, but don't love it
I would seriously consider getting a PRS CE24 or similar PRS. They will last forever and are verstile up the wazoo.

Or for a more budget oriented option, get a Epiphone Elitist SG. They are discontinued, but are worth buying used.
crap forgot to say my budget would probly be bout 800 bucks (i could probly stretch it up if i rly loved something tho)
Epi Elitists are great, some bands even still use them (MCR used them for the longest time, I know they suck but I also know that they at least sound OK and they use epi elitists.)
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are they at all similar to a LP? cause i just tryed a gibson LP today that was well out of my price range and i loved it. are any of the epiphone LP's similar to that?

another option (tho a bit above my price range at 900$) would be the gibson SG classic.

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don't buy a new gibson for 900 bucks, you'll be better of with a high end epiphone or maybe a used gibson
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