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b-52 at100
14 70%
peavey valveking
6 30%
Voters: 20.
just as the title implies
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both!!!...they both kick ass...but the peavy is cheaper
i had the b-52, and i regret selling it.

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For metal only you should get the B-52, because they can at least do it well when stock...

I'm not too sure how they sound for other styles though since I've only ever heard metal previews.
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The B-52 is a great head. The only real problem is a problem with the reverb tank of the early heads, but I personally use a reverb pedal anyway. The B-52 is very versatile. The clean is very nice. I don't play metal, I do more of a classic rock type thing and it works very well on the class A setting. If you learn how to use it and how to dial in your sound, it works well for most any type of music. The Valveking is a not all that versatile and the distortion sound is not the greatest. If you have a good EQ you can smooth it out, but the B-52 is certainly a better choice IMO.
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Not going to lie go with the B-52.
I got my valveking for cheap that's why i got it.
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