im looking to buy a new guitar. Should I spend the money and buy a jem,EGEN18TVF, RGT320Z or shoud I go for a Js1200,Js1000,RG3520ZH or other prestige models.thanks. If you dont know and you have an Ibanez, just tell me about it.
I have 2 ibanez prestige models and I love them. Matter of fact, if you wanna hear one, I played my Ibanez S5470 w/ EMGs when we recorded the songs for our demo. It sounds really good. Check it out. www.myspace.com/sparethelegion.
Any prestige model is going to be amazing, the only difference is in personal preference, and some, like the JEM and JS, have better pickups. But at the price range you're looking at, I recommend Carvin www.carvinguitars.com