hello guys, i live in India and ill be giving my SAT next july[09]... i need to get a scholarship and i think i can get it.....educational standards in india are quite high compared to the west,....please recommed me some preparatory books and the score i would need to get into some of the best colleges[ howard, chicago etcc]. there is loads of information on the net but its all scattered. Any help appreciated.
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i was thinking abt peterson's guide and "hot words for the SAT".....both have a high rating ..........and yes .....another question.....do u think that just books would suffice or do i need some private tuitions as well? How many months are required for full preperation?
dude, its the SAT. just study the night before!
I have no opinion on this matter.
There is a blue book the size of a phonebook for the SAT. It's supposed to be the official book. I can't remember what it is called though. Google 'official SAT book' and look for a large blue one.
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