hey, if anyones knows,
Can you use a Marshall MG100HDFX without the MG412A Cabinet?
because i can only afford the top box at the moment.
no. it won't make any sound. And also many people on this forum will advise against the marshall MG series.
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my budget is around six to seven hundred and i like acdc pink floyd hendrix all that stuff what do you recomend?
sell that marshall head please and make your budget 8 to 9 hundred and we'll find you something that is gig worthy. That head you have is a solid state low end amp that *is not worth it's weight*

what is your closest major city dude?
now being an aussie i would advice u just save up ur still young, so you might as well make the equipment u buy worth your while,

*sayin that your an aussie the reason why is because our equipment is about 50-90% more than americans
well good thing - i dont need to sell the head cos i didnt buy it yet well ill work more and make my budget high to around 1000 whats the best for me then? and melbourne in australia is the cloest major city cheers mate
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No, you really can't use any amp without speakers. Anyways, I have gathered that you haven't bought anything yet. I say just go for a nice combo.
Since you seem to like classic rock, i'd look into Peavey Classics and Crate V's.
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