Do you Recognize this possible child abuser? (AKA Man Dangerously Swings Baby Video)

So I found this video circulating on myspace.

Here's what was in the bulletin other than the video:


Please LADIES, AND GENTLEMEN you have the oppurtunity to get this out to THOUSANDS of People, Please REPOST this!

OMG, Seriously how can someone do this to their child? I mean playing around and swinging him is one thing but this baby could seriously be injured and pull his shoulder out of place!!! . One slip and he could break something or worse, his little neck.
Not to mention possible shaken-baby syndrome

I hope this video gets onto the news and this guy be arrested for child endangerment. If you agree please pass this around."

That guy's lucky he didn't break open his kid's head or any other serious injury.

What does the pit think?

Horrible or good bonding?
Couldn't be any worse than installing flamethrowers in a baby's eyes.
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jesus ****ign christ, someone needs to swing him by one arm for an hour.

It's fake?
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